… and Playshops!

One of my passions is to impart my wisdom and create a hard-to-forget learning experience. It is pure joy to see people getting insights about themselves and about what they want to change in their lives in order to grow, have better relationships, fulfill their potential, and be happier.

I lead workshops on the following topics:

  • Honor Your Values, Live Your Vision! Vision gives us direction and enthusiasm for the future. We cannot go far without vision. And we cannot have a powerful vision if it doesn’t include our values – our guiding principles, the things that really matter to us. During the workshop, participants will get more clarity about their own values, passions, and contribution to the world. They will give expression to their vision which will include who they want to be in the world and what they really want to do.

  • Real Self-care Practices That Help Us Have Meaningful and Joyful Lives. Self-care means to take care of our psychical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Self-care is not selfish and it’s not a luxury. It’s a daily necessity. It’s actually that kind of care that allow us to be more present and efficient in taking care of others, and also help us enjoy a satisfied life. Researches reveal us a lot of practices that influence our health, energy, focus, well-being.

  • How Much Should We Care About Our and Others’ Feelings and Emotions? One of the most misunderstood parts of our life is our emotions. And, for sure, others’ emotions as well. Our and others’ emotions and feelings can create the biggest problems, either we give them too much or too little importance. In this workshop we will understand how to better manage our emotions and how to actually benefit from them. We will look closely at some specific emotions like anger, fear, shame, sadness. We will better accept our and others’ humanity, and this will enrich our life and our relationships.

  • The Joy of Life as a Responsible Adult with a Childlike Heart. This is a workshop like a playshop! After a short discussion about the role of play and laugh in reducing stress, we will experience the power of playing and laughing (or, at least, smiling) in restoring your energy and enlightening your life.

Please contact me to discuss details.

Client Testimonials

“Daniela’s workshop was amazing! I feel like I have a much better grasp on my priorities in life, and I have great tools to live them out! I learned a lot about myself and I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to become more self-aware and grow as a human being.” (C.C., USA)

In the workshop, Daniela gave us plenty of opportunities to reflect on who we are and who we want to be in the world; how can we live more connected with our values, honoring them in our daily life and also in making our big life's decisions. Daniela’s personality and presentation style create a safe and warm space where people are comfortable to share, to give feedback and encouragement to each other. I highly recommend Daniela’s workshops because she is genuinely devoted to enrich participants’ lives. (K.S., USA)