I am Daniela, a life coach who walks the talk! I’m doing my best to embrace my humanity and practice self-care so I can have peace of mind and joy to live a life that count for Christ.

I value people and my relationships are some of my greatest life achievements.

I am someone who is comfortable with complexity and paradox: I am always seeking to maintain vulnerability while staying secure in my identity, approach people with gentleness while speaking candidly, keep a soft heart while fighting hard.

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Friends and acquaintances have noticed that and remarked on it, with someone making this comment I particularly treasure: “You remind people that there is a forgotten beauty of life: the joy of living by loving Christ and others”.

I am a Christian and my relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in my life. Jesus helps me find peace, purpose and hope.

As a Christian, I am open towards all people, not just those who share my beliefs. I seek to love, listen to and be a blessing to everyone I encounter, just as Jesus does.

There have been people in my life who have been a blessing in this way: precious friends I have known for years. We share the dear feeling of being at home with each other, in mutual love, acceptance and support. All the deep, meaningful conversations, and all the fun and laughter we share are equally valuable experiences.

I live in Seattle with my dear husband, Dave. My personal journey through a long time of singleness, then through engagement and marriage, has enriched my understanding of friendship and authentic relationships where one is deeply known and accepted.

I was born and lived until recently in Bucharest, Romania.

I don’t think my life experience or my professional one make me an expert. But it makes me a person who believes in personal transformation, who deeply cares about people and know how to show this. I can bring my unique makeup into helping people grow and transform themselves and their lives. I genuinely enjoy seeing my clients make changes for the better.

A few words about my academic training and professional experience: I have Bachelor degrees in Psychology, Social Work and Theology and a Master degree in Human Resources. I’m a Associate Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (ICF). For my LinkedIn profile, click here.

I have over 15 years of work experience in helping people improve their lives as a life coach, psychological counselor, clinical psychologist, trainer, social worker, and personal development group facilitator. People I have worked with include: single mothers, children, teenagers, people in poverty, young professionals, dentists and nurses.

My volunteer activities include: organizing camps and events for singles and for teenagers, helping senior people in the community, delivering workshops for young professionals and for helping professionals.

I can proudly and humbly say that I helped many dear people find their resources, their uniqueness, their dreams; to find themselves; to find clarity and hope; to find peace with themselves, with others and with life. I helped people find love or the faith they thought they had lost. I hope everyone found what they were looking for, even though they didn’t know from the beginning what it was.

Now, I’m dedicating my professional life to coaching and I am also leading workshops. I am genuinely devoted to helping people make a significant change in their lives.

I would be honored and glad to help you as well with life coaching!

Would you like to work together to find your balance between responsibility and self-compassion? Contact me to schedule a free discovery call.